I first went to the Independent Practice Clinic of Acupuncture Therapist Lilis Christine Lesmana, A.Md. Akup in June 2022, on the recommendation of my friend to check my health condition. I feel that I am experiencing an unstable hormonal condition. The diagnosis results from the initial check, I have liver and heart problems.

Since then I started to regularly do acupuncture treatment every week with Doctor Christine and my health problems have decreased and I have become healthier and fitter.

At the beginning of October 2022, I was exposed to the Covid 19 virus. Thank God, because I do acupuncture regularly, on the fifth day I was negative. Acupuncture helps my stamina.

Best of luck to the Independent Practice Clinic of Acupuncture Therapist Lilis Christine Lesmana, A.Md. Akup and to Mrs. Christine, may you always be a blessing to the health of many people in need.


When I visited Mrs. Christine’s clinic, I was 29 years old with complaints of back pain and was pregnant.

I have low back pain due to wrong movements and rarely do stretching every day. I have had complaints for almost a month. Finally I tried to find an acupuncture therapist on google and I found this clinic with good reviews.

Turns out the reviews were right. With only 2 visits I was able to carry out normal activities. The acupuncture action given by Mrs. Christine is very safe and painless, only a few pricks to adjust to my pregnant condition which requires special attention compared to normal conditions.Thank you Mrs. Christine. The explanation and treatment given was very good and he was not stingy with knowledge. Easy to talk to and answer any complaints that I experience. Next time I want to bring my parents back for treatment at Mrs. Christine’s clinic..

Success and health always for Mrs. Christine. God bless.


دكتور كريستين ، شكرا لك. انتي لطيف جدا ورأيت نتيجة جيدة في جسدي. أعطتني الجلسات الطاقة والحيوية وتلاشى الألم. كنت أعاني من ألم في أذني وصداع شديد. ذهبت إلى العديد من الأماكن ، لكن لم أحصل على النتيجة التي حصلت عليها. شكرا جزيلا سوف اشتاق لك ❤️

Dr. Christine, thank you. You are very cute and I saw a good result in my body. The sessions gave me energy and vitality and the pain subsided. I had pain in my ear and severe headache. I went to many places, but didn’t get the result I got. Thank you very much, I will miss you

Ms. Nada from Arab Saudi

I got to know Mrs. Christine when a friend invited me to accompany her on acupuncture at the Vikrist clinic. The people are kind, friendly and very detailed in explaining… I started doing acupuncture therapy at the end of 2019 when I was experiencing anxiety and psychosomatics and for thyroid disorders. I really felt the benefits for my body and mental health processes.


At first, I just accompanied my mother, I was curious about the results that Mom was proud of. Incidentally, my problem is the hormonal imbalance due to overwork and lack of sleep.

First, of course, it’s scary to see needles inserted into various problematic spots. But it turns out that the taste is not as painful as imagined, it actually makes you addictive. What is most quickly seen is the much improved sleep quality and immunity. My menstrual cycle is much more regular and without annoying cramps.

I have been a patient for almost 1 year and continue to recommend Klinik Vikrist to all my friends who have health and beauty complaints (ex: slimming)

PS: Bu Christine, owner Klinik Vikrist, is very friendly and made the entire session fun.



My name is Jenni, 15 years old student. At the beginning of February, suddenly my left eye had difficulty seeing clearly, something was blocking it. Finally, papa took him to the hospital near the house, but it turned out that the doctor didn’t know why my eyes. Then I went to 2 eye hospitals in Jakarta, and apparently they were still confused about my eye case.

The last time I tried to go to PGI Cikini Hospital, it turned out that my left eye was bleeding because of the high minus, and the result was I couldn’t see clearly (the doctor said that my left eye vision was only 20%), and the tears were dry. Finally, on February 21st I tried acupuncture at the Klinik Vikrist. Since I was on acupuncture, my eyes have started to improve, 2-3 times the tear treatment has flushed again, the shadow covering the retina of the left eye has also started to fade.

After 6 trestments, I checked again with the PGI Cikini doctor, and the doctor was surprised by the results of the examination, because my left eye vision was already 100%. To keep from bleeding again, I had to inject 4 more times, but with the help of acupuncture, I finally had no trouble doing tests, tryouts, and school exams, thank you Klinik Vikrist.

God Bless.




I am a flight attendant who is full of activity and needs good health and appearance.

I chose acupuncture therapy at Klinik Vikrist to maintain healthy stamina and beauty care.

For 3 months I have seen and felt the development of my stamina and changes in my beauty aura very positively. I am satisfied with the therapy services at Klinik Vikrist.

I also recommend to my colleagues to always maintain health and beauty in addition to the demands of the profession as well as for their own interests.

Thank You Klinik Vikrist !

Mr. Helmut Brunel
Designer/Artistic Director/Actor Surprisingly

I already a big result after the first session , having suffered from a severe cough for almost 4 Month.After the 3rd session I feel that I am now almost 80% better. I can highly recommend this kind of treatment, because it avoids taking any kind of Drugs.

The first time I came to Klinik Vikrist about a year ago, I suffered from severe hair loss. I have tried various ways but my hair still falls out. Finally, I browsed the Internet for fun and got the address of Klinik Vikrist.

Praise God, after the 5th therapy I started to feel the results. The loss gradually decreases and the hair begins to grow. After the hair problem was resolved, I had a time with trigeminal neuralgia, which when I was recurring, the pain was really great. It felt like electric shocks to the ears, head and face. I told Mrs. Christine about my problem and it turned out that she really knew how to deal with my situation. Finally, after 3-4 times of therapy, I was completely healed.

Ms. Christine is truly a great acupuncturist because she knows exactly where the acupuncture points are so that the healing process really takes place. Previously, I had treated at an acupuncture clinic in North Jakarta, but there were no results at all. I will gladly recommend Klinik Vikrist to my friends if they have health problems because I have really felt the real results.

Tricia Marisca

I am 78 years old and came to the Klinik Vikrist with complaints of Knee Pain which I have suffered for 10 years, Diabetes and Glaucoma.

Initially I went to Singapore for this knee pain complaint. Periodically every 4 months there are injections. It turned out to be only a pain reliever and a sedative.

In fact, it had fatal consequences for my eyes, which were getting worse every day, I could only see shadows and light (almost blind). At that time, I just found out that there is diabetes.

After years of treatment in Singapore at high cost, but the results were not felt, I tried acupuncture at Klinik Vikrist as recommended by my child’s friend.

After 3 acupuncture sessions, my vision improved and I started to be able to distinguish colors. On my 10th visit, I was able to see and read writings and watch television. The knees also felt better and the legs felt stronger to walk, the sugar levels were also under control.

Currently, I am still continuing my acupuncture therapy at Klinik Vikrist to become healthier.

I am satisfied and very happy with the Acupuncture therapy at Klinik Vikrist, which proves that the eastern methods of medicine are good and proven to bring healing and no need to go abroad.

Anni Tjenni

I have had problems with regulation of hormone levels, heart rate and sleep, which causes fatigue. Western trained doctors could not find the cause or an effective treatment. I also tried about 4 different acupuncturist with no success before I tried Klinik Vikrist. I felt a difference right away during the first treatment and now regularly visit the clinic as it has proven an effective way to manage my symptoms.

Mr. Roy Tan

Lilis Christine is a wonderful Acupuncturist. She has helped me for many years. Please let her help you.

Jonathan I. Kine

It was a long time since I knew Christine in the early 2000s, I was both a member of a gym. I don’t like taking medicine or going to the doctor, because I must be given chemical drugs. By asking many questions about acupuncture and its benefits, I became even more interested in trying it. There is no specific disease that I am aiming for, only stomach / ulcers, so every time I come there must be this treatment. Until now, I quite routinely do acupuncture, especially to maintain my health, stamina and hormones. I feel it is very good for my body. Thank you Christine, I hope you keep going.

Hana Hoed – Public Relations and Communications Consultant

The first time I met Mrs. Christine was in 2007, when I was suffering from BELL’S PALSY (my face was like a side stroke). 2 months of suffering and have gone to a neurologist, chiropractic until reflection, to no avail.

Until my husband received information about the Vikrist Clinic, which at that time was still at the Department of Finance, Lapangan Banteng, Central Jakarta. I came and consulted.

Mrs. Christine assured me that BELL’S PALSY can be cured and for my case, it takes a max of 12 treatments.

I come regularly 3 times a week.

Praise God … during the 10th treatment, my face actually returned to normal. But I decided to continue until 12 times.

Since then …. every time I always recommend VIKRIST Clinic to my family and friends.

In fact …. my sibling (46 years old), had a stroke, was paralyzed on the left side of the body in 2012.

Out of the hospital, I immediately took it and routinely 3x a week for 1 month … the functions of his left body returned to function …

Then … continue the treatment 2x a week until he recovers (about 2 months) and can return to normal activities.


I am 54 years old, I often do acupuncture to maintain stamina, relieve aches in the body and legs, very useful for blood circulation, especially after driving in Jakarta which is full of traffic jams.


Previously I had hair loss problems, I have even had several hair treatments to restore the thickness of my hair, but to no avail.

In the midst of “feeling that was almost hopeless, I also tried this acupuncture treatment owned by Mrs. Christine. Just 1 month after I was undergoing therapy and followed his advice, the results were immediately visible, many children had hair growing, especially on the forehead. Now it’s been almost 4 months that I have been undergoing the treatment and the results are even more satisfying.



A 50 year old woman who comes with complaints of sagging, shrinking breasts, wants to restore the beautiful shape of her breasts. Take the Bust Package and undergo regular acupuncture therapy 2x a week. Only at the 3rd meeting have started to feel the presence of breast muscles that are starting to exist, at the 6th meeting the shape of her breasts tightens and increases her self-confidence

A woman from the Middle East (Yemen) nationality came with a complaint of asthma since she was a child, and had to use an inhaler every day. After undergoing acupuncture therapy, no longer using inhalers, even feeling more fit and fitter in carrying out daily activities.

A 46-year-old woman suffering from diabetes and hypertension, one day suddenly felt weak, her left hand could not move at all, her legs could not walk, her mouth tilted, it was difficult to speak, her tongue felt numb. After 1 week of being admitted to the hospital, came for acupuncture treatment 3 times a week. Just one acupuncture, the patient can start walking slowly and the fingers and thumbs can be moved, the speech has also started smoothly. After 2x acupuncture, the patient began to move his fingers.

A woman with a pinched nerve in the neck and spine came for acupuncture treatment 2x a week. After 5x acupuncture, the patient did not feel any more complaints. After another X-ray, it turned out that the pinched nerves in the neck and spine were normal and the patient was still undergoing maintenance on acupuncture therapy so that he was completely healed.

A man with chronic complaints of allergies, hives, came for acupuncture treatment 2x a week. After 10 acupuncture sessions, the complaints disappeared completely.

A 33 year old mother, married 7 years, has no children, with regular menstrual conditions. Her husband’s laboratory results (age 41 years) showed poor sperm quality. Finally, the mother and father both came for treatment and took the Infertility package. After 2 months, the laboratory results stated that the quality of the sperm of the father was good and the condition of the eggs and the number of eggs of the mother were also good. With the combination of IVF and acupuncture, the couple finally succeeded in having offspring.

A husband and wife come to the Klinik Vikrist with the aim of producing offspring. The husband is 40 years old, the wife is 35 years old. In April 2009, he started running infertility packages (acupuncture and reflection methods), for 12 times with a frequency of 2x a week. This package is taken in order to support the IVF program. In July 2009 my wife was declared pregnant and finally succeeded in having her first child. After the first child is 1 year old, husband and wife again take the infertility package to have a second child.

A 37-year-old man with a height of 170 cm, weighing 89 kg, came to the Klinik Vikrist for treatment, took a slim & health package (acupuncture method) with the aim of losing weight apart from complaints of frequent fatigue, knee pain and cholesterol. Within 3 months with routine and discipline 3x a week, he managed to lose weight by 18 kg gradually and without feeling weak or other complaints. In fact, since she lost weight, she felt more agile and lighter in carrying out daily activities.

A 29-year-old woman who is married in the 5th, is seeking treatment to have offspring. At first she has irregular menstrual cycles (not every month of menstruation). By taking the acupuncture package for about 4 months, I got pregnant.

A mother aged 60 years came with complaints of thin hair, loss, dryness and graying. treatment with acupuncture method, with progress as shown in the photos above

A 29-year-old woman came with complaints of excessive sweating, strong body odor, and dark underarms. After being treated with acupuncture and reflection 2x a week, at the 6th visit, there were very significant results that there was no more stinging body odor, no excessive sweating, lighter color of the armpits

A 30-year-old woman, 3 years married, menstrual pain, regular menstruation, has thyroid complaints and wants to have children soon. Have had IVF, insemination, but it has not been successful. Coming to acupuncturist took the infertility / fertility package, at the 1st month menstrual cycle there was no menstrual pain anymore, after 2.5 months of therapy, the laboratory results stated Positive Pregnancy.

A 48-year-old woman presented with complaints of irregular menstruation, painful menstruation, endometriosis, symptoms of hot flashes, vaginal dryness. Therapy 2x a week, after 7 times therapy, regular menstruation without menstrual pain, the feminine parts are lubricated again, facial skin and body are more elastic again.

A 47-year-old man with vitiligo complaints on the hands and feet. Treated twice a week with acupuncture, after 9 visits, the skin with vitiligo looks faint and fades with its normal skin color.

Testimonial “Fresh face, weight loss”

Overweight or obesity is not only at risk for various diseases, but also can interfere with appearance. That is what Kasmawanti, who is familiarly called Wanti’s mother and daughter, Intan, feels. Because her excessive body weight makes Ibu Wanti feel limited in her space to move.

A similar complaint was experienced by Intan, the girl who is also a soap opera star admitted that her profession in the entertainment world is somewhat hampered because of her disproportionate body weight. “In fact, there is PH that asked me to lose weight. The reason is, in the soap operas that will be starring, I play a role as a medium-sized girl, ”she said.

For this reason, Intan and Ibu Wanti underwent acupuncture and face acupuncture therapy. After undergoing therapy, they began to feel many positive changes. The circumference of the waist, hips, stomach, arms and thighs are reduced in size. “For the face, it feels firmer, fresher, the spots and eye bags are reduced, and the enlarged pores have now become smaller,” explained Ibu Wanti. Meanwhile, Intan felt that her cheeks were not too chubby anymore.

A 23-year-old woman complained of hair loss, thinness and her nose almost every day with discharge (snot). After being treated with acupuncture 8 times, with a frequency of 2x a week, the hair loss decreased a lot, the hair grew a lot, the respiratory tract and nasal cavity started to run smoothly.

A 49-year-old man with complaints of pain in the base of his arm when moved, due to wrong movements during sports. Reflexology & acupressure therapy (massage with acupuncture points) twice a week, has healed.

An 11 month old toddler suffers from complaints of asthma and allergies, which he inherits. Very disturbing the health development of these toddlers. After 8 times acupuncture therapy, once a week, he has made a lot of progress in his health, he is more cheerful and fresher.

A 66 year old mother suffered from Diabetes Mellitus which was quite severe, causing her legs to become weak, and she was unable to walk (had to sit in a wheelchair). Every day insulin injections are given. Based on the referral of a doctor specializing in internal medicine, it is recommended to combine acupuncture treatment to speed up healing. After 3 months, the mother was able to walk without a wheelchair and her blood sugar levels dropped to normal, without any more dizziness. Of course, balanced with a healthy lifestyle as appropriate.

A woman weighing 61.5 kg, height 155 cm, came for acupuncture treatment to lose weight and make her body proportionally healthy. After undergoing treatment for 2 weeks with a treatment frequency of 3 times a week

A 46 year old woman has complaints of irregular menstruation, sometimes once in 3 months, once in 6 months. After 6 times undergoing acupuncture therapy, the menstrual cycle returns to normal every month.

A 37 year old woman, has difficulty sleeping and has no appetite, is very thin, gets tired easily. After 2 times reflexology therapy with a frequency of 1 x a week, he said that now he can sleep soundly, so that the body feels refreshed, increased appetite, and body weight becomes normal.

A man aged 50 years, suffers from insomnia and frequent urination (anyang-anyangan). After 4x reflexology therapy with a frequency of 2 times a week, they said they could sleep soundly, urinate back to normal.

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